Leading garment brands around the world are relying on Guston Limited to provide demanding customers with hard-wearing. High-quality garments fully adapted to its purpose. With our unique production capabilities and several specialized production facilities we can provide almost any type of garment.

Welcome to find out what we can do for you and your customers.

What we do


Guston Limited’s production capabilities allow for a wide range of garment types. Our offer is specialized in four different areas, including:


Premium rainwear, laminated or coated with or without taped seams.


Advanced jackets, parka’s and coats with or without lining, insulation and taped seams.


Advanced trousers for Workwear and Outdoors.


Cutting-edge trousers and jackets for protection against flame, fire, spark formation, electric arc, liquid chemicals and molten metal.

Our clients


Guston Limited is working with leading brands within fashion, workwear and outdoors from around the world. In close cooperation with our customers’ we develop new ideas and bring new collections to life.

By attention to detail and well established routines for collaboration we can make sure that our work meet our customer demands – all the way from pattern to product delivered. In other words, we will take good care of your brand as well.

40 000 PCS/DAY

By coordinating a number of specialized facilities in five countries, Guston Limited can offer unique production capacities with top-modern technology and machinery. Capabilities that makes it possible to provide almost any high-quality, hard-wearing garment required.

At any number to any place in the world.


All Guston production sites are geographically and politically well positioned for swift, reliable and cost-efficiant service. As a member of SAARC, Sri Lanka enjoy trade benefits to EFTA and the EU through the GSP- system, and transit times are relatively short.

As a least developed country, Myanmar benefits from the EU´s everything but arms scheme, which grants unilateral duty free access for all exports, except arms and ammunition to the EU.

Our factories

As of today, we run four factories in Sri Lanka, two in Myanmar and a sourcing office in Bangladesh with a monthly total capacity of around 800.000 garments. Our factories are specialized in outdoor garments, functional trousers and jackets. For jackets, we are specialized in seam sealing, fleece and soft-shell.
We are able to meet the highest demands in craftsmanship and affordability as well as in delivery reliability and speed.

Guston Lanka (Private) Limited

The Guston Lanka facility is situated close to the Concord Manufacturing, which means that the two production units can support each other if needed.

• Year of Incorporation: 2010

• Employees: 669

• Production Line: 7

• Building Floor Area: 35.500 sq.ft.

• Monthly Capacity: 83.000 pieces

Concord Manufacturing (Private) Limited

The Concord facility is located north of Colombo and highly specialized in winter products and garments with taped seams. Most of the skilled workforce is living in close proximity to the facility.

• Year of Incorporation: 2010

• Employees: 979

• Production Lines: 15

• Building Floor Area: 60.000 sq.ft

• Monthly Capacity: 89.000 pieces

M G Apparel (Private) Limited

M G Apparel is specialized in producing rainwear and today all our waterproofs are produced here. The facility is situated just about 20 km away from Concord Apparel.

• Year of Incorporation: 2014

• Employees: 674

• Production Lines: 7

• Building Floor Area: 36000 sq.ft

• Monthly Capacity: 52.000 pieces

Concord Apparel (Private) Limited

Concord Apparel is our main hub of operations in Sri Lanka. The facility is situated just about 50 km east of Colombo and it is conveniently located in the Export Processing Zone Seethawaka, Avissawella.

• Year of incorporation: 2006

• Employees: 900

• Production lines: 9

• Building floor area: 55.000 sq.ft

• Monthly capacity: 85.000 pieces

Guston Amava Limited

Guston Amava, which is about one hour from Yangon, is specialized in high functional jackets both in seam-sealing, fleece and soft-shell.

• Year of incorporation: 2019

• Employees: 1200

• Production lines: 13

• Building floor area: 8.000 sq.M

• Monthly capacity: 60.000 pieces

Amava Apparel Limited

Amava Apparel is specialized in functional jackets both in seam-sealing, fleece and soft-shell.

• Year of incorporation: 2016

• Employees: 1700

• Production lines: 21

• Building floor area: 11.100 sq.M

• Monthly capacity: 110.000 pieces